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Going Public

The Reasons for becoming a Public Company
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The Process of becoming a Public Company
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Going Public Without Raising Capital
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 Why Cassidy & Associates?
Cassidy & Associates was founded in 1975. The law firm's primary focus is securities, corporate finance and business law. more »

Cassidy & Associates, Attorneys at Law

Cassidy & Associates is a corporate and securities law firm established in Washington, D.C. in 1975.

Our firm specializes in taking domestic and foreign companies public in the United States.

"Going public" is the process of causing the securities of a corporation to trade on a United States stock exchange or stock market, such as the NASD OTC Bulletin Board. The securities a company elects to trade can include its common or preferred stock, options and warrants (and the stock underlying those options or warrants), bonds, and debentures. Securities registered for trading can include those issued to the principal owners of a company.

Securities may be registered in transactions which either do or do not involve the raising of investment capital.

We primarily provide our services to private companies that wish to go public without the simultaneous raising of capital. These are typically companies which do not currently have an underwriter, which wish to delay a raise of capital until they have a larger market value, which wish to use their securities primarily to make acquisitions, or which wish to establish a liquid market for their securities. Smaller foreign companies in particular may find this an attractive way to enter the United States securities market.

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